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Dr. Robert Goldman Chairman of the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M) and Asian Resort owner, Pt. Hanno Bali to launch ONELIFE+ Anti-Aging Clinics World Wide.

SINGAPORE- .October 13, 2004 - Dr. Robert Goldman Chairman of the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M) and Resort owner Pt. Hanno Bali have announced that they will launch ONELIFE+ (Onelife plus) Anti-Aging clinics worldwide at the 12th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas, December 2nd 2004.

Dr. Goldman and Pt. Hanno Bali joined forces earlier this year to develop the world's first Anti-Aging Island off the Coast of Singapore ( Now the two have teamed up to create the ONELIFE+ Anti-Aging and wellness centers worldwide.

According to Dr. Goldman we received so many inquiries from around the world about our Anti-Aging Island , that we created ONELIFE+ Anti-Aging Centers making anti-aging accessible to mainstream society anywhere.

One Life Plus - Anti-Aging Clinics

ONELIFE+ will take many of the Anti-Aging protocols and equipment from our Anti-Aging Island, put them into a dynamic module, which then inserts and integrates into a resort project, hotel, or hospital anywhere in the world. Initially we plan to only provide a limited number of ONELIFE+ licenses to a select number doctors, hospitals and resorts globally. ONELIFE+ will rely on the latest technology, the internet, real time web cams and teleconferencing to centralize data and standardize care says Dr. Goldman.

Besides making people look younger and feel better, ONELIFE+ centers will play an integral role in gathering data from clinics around the world, thereby allowing our scientists and medical researchers to further develop interventions and treatments for aging related illnesses, while standardizing the US $ 50 billion industry. Customers of ONELIFE+ Centers will have access to the latest equipment modalities, treatments and protocols. The American Academy A4M is the world's largest Anti-aging Medical Society of over 14,000 physicians and scientists with members in over 74 countries.

A4M in partnership with medical conference international inc conducts medical conferences worldwide and will train over 20,000 physicians this year alone.

ONELIFE+ clinics were designed by Pt. Hanno Bali. According to the Company Chairman, Hanno Soth we are very excited about the designs of these clinics, which put a face on the Anti-Aging movement.

One Life Plus - Anti-Aging Clinics