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It was Jim Elliot, artist and surfer, who started the current villa craze in 1998. For Jim, Bali offers more than other tourist destinations. He was aware that a percentage of people would prefer to stay in a private villa than in a hotel room. So started The Villas in Seminyak.

It was a natural progression to build, market and manage these one and three bedroom holiday cribs to an ever-increasing group of Bali investors. Homeowners of The Villas, Japanese, Australians, French, Brits and Americans enjoy all the luxuries that The Villas brand
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offers; full room service, Prana Spa, the soon to be opened Chi.. and get a good return on their investment "We are leaders not followers and we will continue to set the benchmark by which all competitors will be judged" says Jim. When asked if he believes that copying is a form of flattery he said, and I quote, "Copying is an indication of a lack of imagination and creativity". Touche Jim, I couldn't agree more!
Put your money where your dreams are
The Yak
Vol. 3 May/Jun/Jul 04

PT Hanno Bali

PT Hanno Bali is one of Bali's leading property developers with a number prime properties in Seminyak, and a range of stunning cliff front properties on the Bukit, Uluwatu. Hanno Soth, Chairman of PT Hanno Bali sees the demand for villa rentals and ownership continuing, despite a softer market. Where one tourism market softens i.e. Europe another is 1here to take its place, Taiwan , China and Korea . However one aspect that will never change, whatever the market, is owning a property in the right location. PT Hanno Bali's Seminyak properties, consisting of both leasehold and freehold, are all within a two-minute walk from Seminyak Beach . Soon to begin construction are the eleven, two-bedroom, freehold villas on a riverside property close to the Hu'u Bar. Aiready in Zen-like existence is a leasehold two-bedroom villa, and the four bedroom version is soon to be completed, both next door to the famous Dusun Villas. As exciting to investors and would-be Bali residents, are the twenty-five, two-bedroom, leasehold villas whose plot is just a stones throw away from Ku DE Ta, Bali 's most fashionable beachfront restaurant.

Pre-empting Asia 's need for luxury, and understanding the huge potential for regional growth within prime real estate, PT Hanno Bali is now looking to develop other areas within Indonesia . The dream? "Getaways for the rich and famous". The reality? Eleven stunning white coral islands near Singapore . The style? James Bond meets Maldives . Bintan Islands , less than thirty minutes by helicopter from Singapore 's bustling Changi airport, are what we all dream an island should be. White sand beaches, tropical vegetation, palm trees, pristine blue sea and uninhabited up 'til now. Dubbed the Caribbean of the East these small islands will be developed as private island getaways for the elite, complete with high tech gadgetry and high tech toys (one-man helicopters, two-man submarines and underwater jet bikes!). The islands range in size from 60 hectares right down to 1 hectare. The choice whether to enjoy total privacy or share your island is up to you. And with Richard Branson, of Virgin fame, making a cracking $151,000 a week for his Necker islands I have decided that all I want for my next birthday is an island...oh please Daddy!